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PROFIT from the Internet

Sharon has been creating blue-collar websites for white collar businesses and government departments since June 1994. John Williamson is just one client who has been happy with the value we provide and wanted to provide a voluntary testimonial. We have a gallery of testimonials from clients who increased their bank accounts after meeting us.
John Williamson

We could go on and on about her credentials (like "Sharon was a founding member of the Australian Web Publishers Association and is a qualified Accountant and member of the Australian Society of CPAs") but we've found that bragging about our credentials is NOT what works! Our customers tell us they want to know exactly what we can do to help their business.

Less Stress for Students

“You guys are legends"

The Board of Studies, NSW had traditionally supplied HSC Results to over 60,000 students in mid-late January by “snail-mail” (Australia Post). The vaguaries of the postal service meant that some students got their results earlier than other frustrated students who spent entire days waiting at the mail box. Some who had already left for a well-deserved holiday, didn’t learn of their results until months later.

Shazian recruited and managed an International team of Internet experts to develop an online system that allowed students to get their results over the web. The solution had the following benefits:

Cost: Marginal cost of zero - it didn’t matter how many students used the service - there were no extra costs per student.

Equity: Results available to over 64,000 students worldwide at the same time.

Security: Using a student number and PIN protected the results from prying eyes.

Time: The results are now delivered prior to Christmas.

Each year, promotion for the site includes a full press-conference hosted by the Minister for Education. The website is featured in press, radio and television news.

Real Estate Conveyancer gets a Virtual Estate

In contrast, Ariel Conveyancing, as a small business in the Hunter Valley, does not have 60,000 people relying on their website. But Christine Fell did need a solution that would allow her to let others know about her business AND allow her more freedom in the way she conducted her business.

Shazian created and hosted a simple and cost-effective marketing-oriented website for Christine. The website collects email addresses to create a database of leads and potential clients. And it has stood the test of time - it is still working years later without any updates. Shazian also sourced a suitable laptop computer and provided consulting support to get Christine wired for mobile work. Now Christine can service her clients without visiting the office on weekends.

Fully-Automated Cash Machine

It looks like being a real ripper in the long run - thank you!
Graham Thomson, Ladda's Thai Take Away

Ladda's Thai Take Away is a small restaurant on King Street in Newtown. This is one of the most competitive restaurant districts in Sydney. A new Thai restaurant opened down the road with more seating. It was a disaster!

Ladda's were unable to compete because of the physical size limitations of the restaurant.

But the desperate owners talked to Shazian. Together, we made it possible to order their quality food over the Internet. Obviously time is of the essence with a take-away order, so it was important that orders got to the kitchen as soon as possible.

The Shazian solution includes real time online credit card authorisation, and a copy of the order that is faxed direct to the kitchen within two minutes of the payment approval. It means that customers can now enjoy the food without leaving their computer, or their home.

It also has several benefits for the owners:

  • It overcomes the obstacles to their success and allows them to compete without paying any more in rent.
  • They don't have to train staff as the orders arrive in the kitchen in the same format as traditional orders.
  • It saves them time by having the deposits credited automatically to their bank account - no more writing out deposit slips, standing in queues and waiting for cheques to clear.
  • It automatically builds a business asset - a customer database of not just contact details, but actual product orders.
  • And it has increased their sales and size of their potential market.

Let Shazian Help To Overcome Your Problems And Maximise Your Profits Now

Call us to find out how your online sales can increase by up to 20% in 30 days or less and how you can receive instant Internet orders without even having an email address.

When you implement our full e-commerce solution, you'll be amazed at the possibilities of growing your business! We guarantee it!

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